Radio Beef?

Dan O’Day is a radio genius.

Now that that’s out of the way, the guru posted something about radio stations going to war in their imaging on his blog today. Now maybe I’m just a naive small timer in Canada but is this really an issue? I mean, really the only “radio beef” I’ve ever come across has been between Funkmaster Flex and whoever he’s mad at this month (ussually Power….and before we read to much in to this, I am totally #TeamHot97). But it got me thinking, why do radio stations need to ridicule each other? 1. As O’Day states in his blog post, it alienates your listener, who also might be a fan of the station you’ve labelled as being “only for idiots” 2. As anyone who has spent any time in the industry knows, burnt bridges do you no good, in an industry where people move around so quickly, its best not to make anyone unnecessarily mad, you never know who your next boss/co-worker will be. 3. It’s easier to attract flies with honey than vinegar. Your audience is listening to escape their world, which is full of negativity. Let them escape, keep things positive.

Stay Classy!

-The Copy Writer-


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