The Boy Who Cried “Media Bullying”

On Monday morning Justin Bieber made an appearance on Seacrest and accused the media of “bullying him.”

Oh boy…I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. First of all I think his statement does carry some validity. Based off of what I hear scanning through my dial everyday, it seems to be the same topics over and over again, and Bieber often finds himself to be on that topic list, even with stations that shouldn’t care about him. Case in point: the local rock station that likes to talk about him once a day part at least. Not only is that bullying, but it’s also flogging a dead joke. (also a good read on this subject by “A Dose Of Buckley”)

With all that being said, does that mean we should cut the Bieber jokes all together? Absolutely not. The kid is in the spot light by his own choice, so he should not be surprised when his stupidity is covered by the media. Don’t want to be made fun of on the radio? Remove yourself from the world of celebrity then.

-The Copy Writer-



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