Radio Palestine With A Feminine Twist

It’s funny, here in North America, we have tonnes of “shock jocks” who “grace” the airwaves with their brand of misogynistic, homophobic rhetoric, that supposedly “pushes boundaries”. Over in Pallestine though, there is a station that may have them beat for “limit pushing” though.

In Palestine, saying that women are not treated equal to men, would be an understatement, so a radio station made by women for women, is something that would not be easy to set-up. That’s exactly what Radio Nisaa is doing, and the first ever by women for women radio station truly is pushing limits, covering topics like: honour killings, whether men should be helping out more around the house and many other topics. Be sure to read the linked article, it’s very cool stuff.

Just another way that radio can change the world!

-The Copy Writer-


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