Building A Tablet App For Your Radio Station

I’m going to come right out and say it, most radio apps suck. They don’t go anywhere close to what they could potential wise, and they are often only good for just listening and do nothing to stimulate your other senses. In just one word, they’re boring. I don’t even see why people would want to waste a few megabytes on their phones for these simple one trick ponies.

All that being said, I am even more sceptical of radio apps built for tablets. Let’s be serious, if radio app builders can’t fill a phone screen, what makes you think that they’ll make effective use of a much larger tablet screen. Well, KPCC, a public radio station in California, decided to take on that challenge, and I’m not going to lie, it looks awesome. First up, its visually appealing, tonnes of pictures, no wasted space, very nice. Second, it not only allows you to live stream, but also listen on demand to your favourite shows, as well as letting you listen to smaller segments of said shows too. To top it all off, the app gives you news: local, national and international, making it an all-in-one super app, totally worth the space.

Unfortunately, this monster of a radio app, while awesome, also took a grant of a million dollars to make, thus making it something that likely won’t catch on. But even if this is one of a kind, it should be something that the rest of the industry should be looking at and taking cues from because, right now, their apps are paling in comparison.

-The Copy Writer-



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