Specialized Radio: What If It’s Not Just For Satellite Radio?

In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s death, Sirius XM has decided to add a station in his honour, featuring the likes of Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Alicia Keys and more. Admittedly, it’s a cool idea, it takes a relevant topic and turns it into something people can access whenever/wherever. But it’s got me thinking, would regular radio be able to pull something similar off? As it is, stations are pretty stuck in their formats, but what if there was such a thing as “special event radio.” Think block formatting only with longer blocks. Christmas for the month of December, a tribute station for people who have left us/celebrating an anniversary, the possibilities are endless. Many stations already kind of do it with “Retro Weekends” or “90’s at Lunch” blocks, so why not?

Admittedly, satellite radio has the obvious advantage of more room to try this out on, but I wonder if specialization could be in radio’s future.

-The Copy Writer-


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