Entertainment Vs. The Truth: What is the role of the interviewer?

I’m not sure if you caught the news, but Toronto Mayor got his chance to be interviewed by disgraced media mogul Conrad Black. In true Ford style, he created a little bit of controversy by calling into question the character of Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, insinuating that Dale is a paedophile who tried to take pictures of Ford’s kids.

Since that time Dale has served both Ford and Vision TV, the network that carried the interview, and it begs the question, does the interviewer have any sort of responsibility in all of this? From what I saw, Ford went unchallenged by Black, and while it may have been better for entertainment, what happened to the questioner doing his homework and challenging such a bold statement? Was Black worried that if he were to call Ford on that statement, that Ford would shut down for the rest of the interview?

I believe it is the role of the host to keep the interviewee in line, and insuring that the truth comes out. Black was not so much a journalist as an emcee, providing breaks between Ford’s propaganda. Disgusting. And not something that we should be celebrating as a good interview.

-The Copy Writer-


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