Talk Is Cheap…And King

The Nielsen numbers out of the states are always interesting to watch and this latest round of numbers prove to be just as exciting. Once again talk radio was on top, with 90% of all Americans listening at least once a week and holding an overall 9.3 share over the country. Also worth noting, Country music came in at a strong 3rd place, impressive, for what was once considered a “regional genre.” Perhaps the biggest surprise for me though, is the placement of classic rock, second from the bottom. If the numbers are really that low, I wonder why it seems like there are SO MANY OF THEM EVERYWHERE.

Just as a side note, I realize that public radio means something different in Canada but, the linked article seems to think that the likes of Limbaugh and Beck are behind the high talk numbers, but I wonder how many of those numbers are actually NPR listeners? Any guessers out there?

-The Copy Writer-


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