The Best Of The Moldy Oldies

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at this, with the love of nostalgia and all, but there is apparently a real resurgence of interest in old time radio.  Apparently there are still people who go nuts for shows like Amos and Andy, which is probably why websites like have become so popular as well. RUSC (or R U Sitting Comfortably) is a website that hosts files containing a lot of old radio programs, as well as offering a place for its fans to talk.

Any way, RUSC recently did a poll on the top radio series of all time, and the winner was……The Jack Benny Program! I’m not all familiar with that one, but other programs that made the list were Gunsmoke, Amos and Andy and the Shadow and I don’t think I need to day, those are some legendary names.

Maybe this is just me thinking out loud, but if people are starting to enjoy these old programs enough that they are searching them out, wouldn’t it be cool if the radio drama made a come back onto the airwaves? I personally am for more variety and it could really help the medium. Any way, if your a radio buff like me, you’ll definitely find something that peaks your interest on that site, so go check it out.

-The Copy Writer-


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