No News Is Bad News: Information Control In India

If you want to hear something amazing, turn on your local Top 40 morning show as they breeze through their newscasts each morning. Best described, its all the news you can fit in a single breathe, and even most of that is best described as celebrity trash updates.

That’s why its intriguing to me that in India they are pushing so hard to have the right to get news on non-government radio. You see in India, they are just moving away from a system where the government had a total monopoly on the radio services in the country. Now since the supreme court has deemed the airwaves “public property”  in 1995, there has been an increasing number of “community based stations” popping up. Unfortunately, these stations have been held to some fairly strict laws, more specifically, they are not aloud to read news. No news truly is bad news, and the whole thing screams of a micro-managing and oppressive government, and it is only now truly being criticized and challenged. This will definitely be a story to follow. For a better look at these  read this article and this article.

It certainly makes me appreciate my news over here a lot more, it may not be perfect, but at least its there.

-The Copy Writer-


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