Beyonce and The Place Of Radio In Music Marketing

Right now radio and record companies have a pretty good relationship. In the simplest of terms: the record companies give access of their songs and radio plays them. The radio wins because they have content their listeners want to hear and  the record companies win because their artists are getting great marketing. That was, until last Thursday, last Thursday changed everything.

Beyonce’s Secret Album on Course for 2013 Top Female Debut

Well crap. As I’m sure you heard, Beyonce dropped a surprise album last Thursday with no warning, no promotion and no radio singles. Not only that, it’s already beating the opening week sales numbers of other “heavy hitters” who received tonnes of radio support, like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. So this leaves us with some questions. Is radio still the difference between a mediocre selling record and a hit record? I would wager yes, marketing is one of those things where, the more you have of it, the better it will serve you, most of the time. Will this change the way that the Record Companies look at marketing with radio? Maybe on a small scale, but you have to realize we are dealing with the Queen Bee here, not some schmuck in the minor leagues. What works for here, probably doesn’t work for everyone. Part of what really  made this marketing strategy so effective was that it was unlike anything ever done, to count radio out because of it would be silly.

Something to think about, for sure.

-The Copy Writer-


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