Can’t Say That On The Radio: The John DePetro\WPRO Debacle

There seems to be no shortage of stories of people saying stuff that they aren’t supposed too, see Dean Blundell (102.1 The Edge)  and Megyn Kelly (Fox News), but this story out of Rhode Island may just take the cake.

John DePetro,  a host on Rhode Islands WPRO, back in September was talking about a demonstration held outside of a “Women Changing Rhode Island” conference, and called the protesters, “parasites, union hags and whores.” Well as it turns out, none of the mentioned were thrilled about that, and their coalition of union folk and others are still going to great lengths to take down DePetro. Well in the past few days, those connected to that campaign have made huge strides forward, getting many state politicians, including the Governor of the state, to boycott the station, including interviews, until DePetro is fired. Wow. No ones quite sure how this one is going to end as neither side seems to be giving in to the other, but one has to think that the climax to this tale is coming soon.

If we can learn anything from this tale, its that you must always be careful what you say about who, especially when you’re in front of a microphone.

-The Copy Writer-


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