It’s The End Of His World As He Knew It: Radio Host/Doomsday Expert, Harold Camping, Dead At 92

Let’s talk promotions, they range in creativity from free bumper stickers to the Howard Stern “Get My Grandpa Laid” promo. With that being said, probably one of the most effective promotions stunt ever was Harold Camping’s end of days prediction for May 21st,2011. Between his radio show and the billboards, he got people’s attention, driving tonnes of traffic to his website and radio show. All fine and dandy, except it wasn’t supposed to be a promotion, it was what he really thought (but seriously promotions dept., can you top this?).

Anyways old Harold has just passed away today at age 92, and god rest his soul. He certainly did provide us with entertainment.

…But seriously, do they just give out talk shows to anyone down in America?

-The Copy Writer


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