Radio’s Social Media: The UK vs. The US

In Canada, radio’s social media is a real smorgis board of tactics, with little direction, in short it is still in it’s wild west days. I imagine that will change over time, but you don’t have to look too hard to find ineffective use of social media in a radio environment.

An interesting study has come out though to compare how radio stations are reacting to social media on each side of the pond, and the differential between the two is interesting to say the least.

Some cool take away facts:

-On average, only 0.4% of radio listeners tweet about a radio station in the UK and even though the proportion might seem extremely low, it is still 10 times more frequent than the ratio in the US.
-With respect to negativity, the percentages were very close: 2% for UK and 1% for US. The main negative topics of discussion debated by Brits were show content, song choice and presenter criticism, while the Americans mostly complained about content and presenters.
-UK radio stations primarily use Twitter as a broadcasting platform, not for engagement. However, just 40% of the messages sent by the US radio stations were broadcast tweets.

Tonnes of really cool facts in the report, and worth checking out if you are in radio.

-The Copy Writer-


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