Another Shock Jock Taken Down: Australian Ray Hadley Loses Defamation Suit

I’ve listened to my fair share of shock jocks, and I’ve heard them say their share of asshole-y things,and sometimes I’ve wondered how they never get sued for defamation of character.

Well, on Austrailian shock jock did get a defamation suit put on him, and it is now costing him 280k in damages. So what did he say?

Well this story began after the wife of a convicted sex offender was called a grub by Ray Hadley on his radio show. After that he went on another tirade and called her a “silly, silly woman” and “If we send you and your husband broke, I’ll be absolutely delighted.” Well to make matters worse for Hadley, he didn’t know when to drop the shock jock act and generally just acted like an armpit of a human being. Things were so bad, even the justice ended up weighing in on Hadley’s conduct, saying:  “lay this broadcast to rest in the gutter from which it came”. OUCH.

You know I have heard jocks say a lot worse, and you have to wonder how long it will be before similar suits find themselves in North America. But at the end of the day, these jocks really have to realize that they have the power to ruin people’s lives.

As for the defendant? Her first words after leaving the courtroom were apparently: “Hopefully it sends a clear message to not only [Ray Hadley] but other presenters: you need to tell the truth.”

Amen Sister.

-The COpy Writer-


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