DAB Goes Mobile-Digital Radio Is A Chip Away From Your Cell

After a disappointing week in the UK for digital radio fans, here is a bit of news to cheer you up: industry experts predict that the next wave of smart phones will have DAB chips built in.

Quiet frankly it’s fantastic news, in my opinion the radio has mostly been left behind in the world of mobile technology. I mean sure you can stream online radio, but that costs serious data usage. With DAB chips added in, it will provide radio to cell users without draining their data, making it that much easier to take the radio with them. In the UK,  DAB chips in phones means more people will have access to the technology, which has been a huge road block for moving forward with the technology. Who knows, this could also force North American radio to start innovating in that regard again, which could only be a good thing. Digital is the future and we can’t afford to be left behind.

With all that good there is a downside, that means I’m going to have to buy a new phone, and on a radio salary…..well…

-The Copy Writer-


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