News Flash: If You’re Entertaining, You’re Employable (No Matter How Tasteless You Are)

Good news for John DePetro and Dean Blundell, even if they do get fired over their offensive bits, radio will still have a place for them. Case in point, it has been confirmed that 2 out of the 3 hosts behind the sketch below, heard on an Atlanta sports radio station (The Zone 790) in June, have new jobs…in the same market.

Making fun of someone with ALS (former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason) is so tasteless, and while they were rightly banished for a few months, it looks like they’re back on air.

According to reports, 2 of the hosts are on their former competitors, AM 680, just 5 months after being fired. One will be on the morning show starting in January, and due to a non compete clause on the other one, we won’t know what his role is until March.

Was it a mistake to hire these guys in the same market so quickly? We shall see when the next book comes out.

-The Copy Writer-


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