The Age Old Question: Who Played The Beatles In America First?

When you sell over a billion records, your every move and milestone is the stuff of legends. This point is proven over and over by the Beatles, the subject of many bar room music arguments by self professed music nerds and enthusiasts.

Well add this one to your library of musical trivia, they’ve finally come up with the very first station to play the Beatles in the United States. While the long circulated information involved a host in Washington DC playing “I Want To Hold Your Hand” on WWDC, that just isn’t so. The Hit’s Keep On Coming blog decided to clear that up today, and the results show….drum roll….. it was WLS in Chicago, playing Please Please Me. According to blog author, J. Bartlett:

“WLS in Chicago charted it for the weeks of March 8 and March 15, 1963 (peaking at #35), before dropping it off. Some fairly exhaustive research at Kent Kotal’s Forgotten Hits establishes pretty clearly that WLS was the first station in America to play the Beatles, in late February 1963, nearly a year before the outbreak of Beatlemania across the country.”

Be sure to read the full post here, and keep that bit of music history in the back of your mind.

-The Copy Writer-


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