How Beyonce Tricked Clear Channel Into Helping Her Selling A Gazillion Records

Beyonce’s new self titled album surprised us all, from the casual fan, to apparently, even the biggest radio network in America. Clear Channel(said network)’s president, John Sykes recently sat down with Billboard magazine to talk about the new album, and he makes it clear that he had no idea the album was going to drop, just like the rest of us. What made things even more difficult was that the Queen Bey didn’t pick a single, so how’d the massive monster known as Clear Channel react?

“Tom Poleman [Clear Channel president of national programming] and his team run such a well-oiled machine that within minutes, five “Beyonce” tracks were playing on our stations across the country…”

Five Beyonce tracks at once? No wonder the album has sold so well. By doing things the way she did, Beyonce was able to show the world more of her album all at once, more so than if she had taken the traditional route, of one single at a time. As mentioned in the article, its similar to what the Beatles, Stones and Who did before her, and it worked big time, already scoring an overwhelming #1 on the Billboard album charts. The way she did it, it forced Clear Channel to make a rash decision, and in the end, the gamble worked in her favour.

So what does John think about what this will do to radio’s role in promoting music?

“At the end of the day, you still need radio for people to really hear an album, for them to keep going out and buying it online or in record stores. If you look at Nielsen research, the No. 1 platform for discovering new music is still radio.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

-The Copy Writer-


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