New York Radio Dynasty Comes To An End

As a radio jock, the top of the top is New York City,once you’ve made it there, you can make it anywhere. Needless to say it takes years of perfecting your craft and learning what makes your audiences tick but sometimes you have to wonder if perhaps, there are some jocks who are born ready for New York.

If there was anyone born with a radio sense, it would be John R. Gambling, who signed off for the last time in New York today on WOR. John, was the third member of his family to rule New York morning airwaves, and his departure today marked the end of an 88 year uninterrupted New York morning radio dynasty.  John R, who was preceded by his father John S. and his grandfather John A, was visited today on his show by Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly and even Mayor Bloomberg.

No matter who you are related to, it’s no easy task to work in big apple radio,  and stay there. Happy retirement, Rambler.

-The Copy Writer-


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