Media Researcher Predicts The Demise Of Radio… Again

Well, its not the first time, that’s for sure. First it was TV that was supposed to kill radio, more recently satellite radio was to act as the grim reaper to terrestrial radio. Now, according to IBISWorld, an industry research publisher, it will be streaming services and mp3s as well as competing mediums in combination, in combination with lack of interest and a slumping economy that will do the industry.

Taken right from the report, ““Radio’s role will not be eliminated overnight, but will instead diminish slowly as companies dedicate more resources to reaching consumers online.” Now I don’t claim to be any sort of industry expert, but a few things are amiss.

1) I tune in to the radio for companionship on my drives, it offers interesting opinions and banter that I don’t get from an mp3 player.

2)Other people agree, as currently the most popular format of radio is talk radio, pulling in ten percent of radio listeners.

3) Despite predictions in the report that revenue will fall annually by 2.5% over the next 5 years, radio posted 1% growth this year…otherwise seen as a very tough economic year.

As my radio profs often told me, what radio has going for it is the “local”  factor, and as long as we keep that, we will always have something our competition.

-The Copy Writer-


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