Radio Praised For Helping To Build A Nation

In the creation of any nation, there are things that are credited with “building,” said country. In my home and native land, Canada, the building of a nationwide railway, the re-capture of Vimy Ridge in World War One are just some of the things credited with the building of this nation.

Today, the Pakistani Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid credited Radio Pakistan with being a vibrant media which had been playing an effective role in nation-building. Also saying, “generations would come and go but the Radio Pakistan will remain alive.”

Too often, it seems that radio is being slagged for being archaic, out of touch and soon to be extinct. Our national broadcaster is seen as all of that and a “waste of money”, according to the attitudes of the latest government.  It’s time that national broadcasters be seen for what they are, national treasures, ways to communicate ideas nationwide.

A few other cool facts about Radio Pakistan: It offers programming in 21 languages, and covers 97% of the country, and if your familiar with the country, that’s pretty darn impressive.

-The Copy Writer-


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