Radio Vs. Artist

Back in college I was at a hip-hop station. And I have to say, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that we “didn’t support local hip-hop”, I would have never had to find a job. Really. Now what those people would usually overlook is that their music simply was not radio friendly…poorly produced, bad language and far too underground sounding.

As you can imagine, the bigger the station, the more shots it gets taken at it, and since Hot 97 is the top of the top in the hip-hop world, it gets shots taken at it often.

This latest round comes compliments of Talib Kweli, who started on twitter, calling out PD Old Man Ebro for not supporting NY hip-hop. Now what Ebro did in return, was genius in my opinion. He invited Talib in.


Not only did he take the issue face on, but due to the amount of build up this had, he was able to pump up some major social media numbers. There is a reason why Hot 97 is still the power house it is. They are the best at social media and they are the best in their genre.

Definitely a good watch for all of you interested in the music.

-The Copy Writer-


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