John DePetro Back

As news came today about the dismissal of Dean Blundell, one other shock jock got better news.

Rhode Island talk show host, John DePetro was back on the air today after he was taken off air in mid-November due to some crude comments (to be exact he called some protesters, “union hags” and “whores”). He was back despite¬†union chiefs, state representatives on both sides of the floor and even the governor himself petitioning to get rid of DePetro…meaning DePetro must be bringing in crazy good ratings.

As for the man, and his thoughts, he saw this as “nothing more than politicians and unions trying to interfere and silence public opinion.”

Some people, I tell you.

-The Copy Writer-


Dean Blundell Show Done?

Back Story Here: Dean Blundell Show Suspended

It seems all but certain now, Dean Blundell has been fired from the Edge, it appears.


-The Copy Writer-

UPDATE: Well, this is it. From the man’s mouth.