Happy Holidays

You may have noticed the lack of posts over the last couple of days… Well, it is Christmas, and everything seems to be winding down for the season, but no complaints here!

Wishing all of you a Merry Holiday Season, and if you’re working tomorrow, I hope the PD takes pity on you and brings in some Christmas baking!

-The Copy Writer-


Sunday Night Radio

It’s not often a guy like me gets time to enjoy the radio, but tonight I got to do just that.

After a long day of Christmas festivities with the family, I had a long drive home alone. Just me and the radio. First I turned on an all Christmas station, then the Eagles game. You know, there is still something special about listening to the radio while driving at night. Maybe it’s just me, but the feeling is just so darn therapeutic.

Anyways, no news tonight, but sometimes you have to step away from that and just admire the magic of the airwaves.

-The Copy Writer-

The Brits Want Cliff Richard Banned From Radio? (At least for Christmas)

Christmas time is a great time, don’t get me wrong, but this month long barrage of pop Christmas hits playing on the radio HAS TO STOP.

Apparently the people that Musicgaurd (a UK instrument insurance business) surveyed agree, and singled Sir Cliff Richards out as the worst of the worst. With 1000 people surveyed, a whopping 46% said they would be happy if they never heard Richards holiday tunes on their radio again. And while I’m not familiar, it can’t be much worse than this right?

In happier news, everyone agrees that “The Fairy Tale of New York” should be played more on the radio…if only I was a music director.

-The Copy Writer-

Record Breaking Radio

We’ve all been there, just when we’re ready to finish our shift, when the boss asks you to pull a double shift and the listeners end up getting to listen to 12 hours of you making up show prep as you go along. No fun for anyone.

Well, in Dubai (is it just me, or do they do everything  to the excess in Dubai?) 2 radio hosts did a total of 85 hours and 15 minutes on-air (it was a music formatted station, don’t worry). The whole stunt was dedicated  to Dubai for winning the Expo 2020 host city’s title, the entire Malayalee community and their listeners, all very sweet.

Mostly I can’t help but think that those last few hours probably didn’t produce much for their demo reels.

-The Copy Writer-